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I know most of you are here to learn about my services and to see if I am a good fit for your real estate needs. The rest of you are just checking me out because you somehow found me on the internet. Either way, I’m glad you’re here.

Representing Northern Colorado homeowners and future homeowners with the goal of getting their best result. My commitment to honest dealings combined with aggressive representation is unique in the real estate profession.

I love the real estate business and Northern Colorado. Let me sort through and guide you through the oftentimes challenging real estate landscape. I have the experience and local know-how to assist you in making the wisest real estate decisions. For example: when to buy, when to sell, where to buy, what neighborhoods best match you, insights into schools and districts, best route to travel during high traffic, am I getting a good deal? The thing is, I am not a sugar-coating type of guy, I am known for being a straight-shooter and telling it like it is but with a high level of emotional intelligence.

Here is why you should hire me

Licensed since 2000 (Broker since 2005). Seasoned experience in hot and cold markets, for buyers and sellers, challenging transactions, difficult circumstances and everything in between.
Extensive construction background (especially useful when working with new construction and/or working through inspection related issues)
Marketing & Negotiation are my strengths. In my view, marketing gets the attention but negotiation gets you what you want/need.
Technology is one of our greatest assets BUT is not a substitute for good old fashioned hard work and beating the pavement. The latter is one of my staples for getting better client results. It’s not uncommon for me to be knocking on doors.
Historically high success rate for list to sell price and moving transaction forward towards the closing (for buyers and sellers).
Proudly, the majority of my business is from word of mouth, past client dealings and referrals.
I have never been part of a lawsuit, mediation or any other legal matter related to my real estate dealings (personal as well). One of my primary focuses is to be aggressive on your behalf but not stupid, negligent or downright unethical.
One of my favorite quotes: “You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want”. Zig Ziglar. This is truly how I want to serve others, by putting their needs above my own. If I do this often enough, I’ll be fine!

The personal stuff

Since the day I was born (Orange County, Ca), I have been exposed to all things real estate. My Dad was one of the first brokers where I grew up. Yes, these were the days when the MLS was delivered to the brokers office in a printed format. During high school, I started working for a custom builder (Eason Construction- Newport Beach, CA) and loved it. At the time, I was a laborer but being around something that was once nothing and then turned into something tangible and oftentimes spectacular was a great experience for me. During my college years (Vanguard University), I worked for a tract homebuilder (Mission Viejo Company- Mission Viejo, CA) a couple days a week when I had a lightly course load. I was moving up in the ranks from laborer to quality control. I basically tagged and wrote lists all day about what was wrong and who needed to correct it.

After college, I went back to work for another custom builder (Akins Companies, Newport Beach, CA). About the time I joined, they started doing small semi-custom homes and later moved on to tract homes while still maintaining a custom division. A few years later, they were purchased by Brookfield Companies (a national builder). I elected to start my own business as a General & Painting Contractor.

In 2005, we moved to Colorado. The winters take a little getting used to but the activities and scenery of the mountains make it totally worth it. My oldest daughter Abigail currently goes to the same college that I did and my two younger girls go to Fossil Ridge High School and Kinard Middle School.

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