The dollar club is our little way of trying to make someone’s day. Someone that may be experiencing an unexpected hardship or in need of something that they can’t quite do on their own. It could be as simple as paying a child’s lunch bill at school, purchasing a nice outfit for a job interview, paying a critical utility bill or paying a neighborhood kid to take care of someone’s yard if the resident is not able to.

We have found that most people get into a temporary hardship only need a little positive momentum, a kind gesture by others to help them move forward. Some people ‘get stuck’ and simply need to know that others care. Literally, the most simple gesture can propel someone to change course and get back on track.

The purpose of the dollar club is to bring awareness to people that, in many cases aren’t aware of people’s challenges. A very small donation, compounded can change people. Both the giver and the recipient. This is our way of brightening someone’s day and we are grateful and honored that you have considered a small but meaningful donation. The funds collected are 100% used for the sole purpose of helping others. No funds shall be used for overhead.

To be transparent, we are not currently a 501c(3) non-profit entity (not-tax deductible). However, if we a have a need to do so in the future, we will strongly consider it.



Please complete the questionnaire (below) for a person(s) that you are aware that can use a little kindness. Please keep in mind that the information that you submit does not mean that the person(s) in need will automatically receive what has been requested. We have a process in place that assesses each individual situation and current funds available. In some cases, verification of circumstances may be required.
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