Why List with Us?

As your Northern Colorado Listing Agent, my primary responsibility is to obtain the highest possible price for your home while providing a high level of customer service, communication and accountability.

Many listing agents do minimal work and spend minimal money to market your home and do almost nothing after your home is on the market. We call it a sign, the MLS & a prayer. Working hard and spending the money to make sure your home is marketed well with professional photography, strategic price evaluation, home preparation guidance and a list of services that to our knowledge no other agent in our market can or willing to provide.

After your home is on the market we have strong processes in place to obtain feedback, assess market activity, refresh the listing, hold effective open houses and more. Please take a look at all the services and marketing on this page and above all, please call me (970-710-3770) to schedule an appointment or ask any questions you might have.

Our Services

This is not a complete list but a just a sampling of what you should expect while using our services.

Client Portal

See everything that we are doing for your transaction including regular updates, critical dates and deadlines, closing details and much more to show you how we are working on your behalf. This keeps us accountable to you and maintains a high degree of communication.

Professional Marketing Management

A complete marketing system that pushed multiple campaigns wherever we are in the listing process (Pre-Listing, Pre-Open House, Active Listing, Open House, Under Contract, Pending, etc).

Showing & Feedback Services

We hire a 3rd party service to handle all of our showings requests. Many agents field showing requests themselves and miss too many showing opportunities as a result. Additionally, we work hard to get feedback from agents that have shown the property previously.

Home Warranty

A home warranty may be a useful tool to offer as a concession particularly when the house is older or the buyer just needs some added assurances. 

*Listing brokerage to pay through the closing (on behalf of the buyer). When deemed appropriate and/or necessary by listing brokerage.

Strategic Pricing Recommendations

Without the right price, you could be in for a long wait. Even worse, expect to chase down the market while waiting. If you start with a price that’s too high, you’ll likely end up with less the longer it stays on the market. We offer a strategic pricing recommendation that increases your chances of getting a quicker sale and more net.

Cancel Anytime Policy

We know that sometimes things change for people (change of plans, something didn’t go through, etc). They decide to remove the house from the market. It’s ok! It happens and we honor those wishes despite what our listing contract says.

Professional Transaction Management

A complete transaction management system that is 100% online. All documents, electronic signatures and calendars are managed during the transaction to assure a successful closing.

Skilled Negotiation Services

Most agents take the path of least resistance. If you really want someone to push but keep the transaction moving forward, you need someone that knows what they are doing. That’s us!


The pre-inspection is generally a good idea. Knowing the condition of the property prior to the home hitting the market and certainly before another inspection, gives the seller some critical knowledge and an idea of what items will need to be corrected. If you do elect to complete the pre-inspection, please keep in mind that the items on the inspection will need to be completed so that the inspector can sign off on those items (and issue a revised report). In many cases, the buyer will use the previous inspection and not order their own (particularly if the previous inspection items are completed and confirmed via a revised inspection).

*The seller to be reimbursed for the inspection at closing by listing brokerage (includes radon, if necessary).

7 P's for your success

We get asked all the time how are we are going to do this or how are we going to that. As a seller, you have every right to know how someone is working on your behalf. Know this, we operate from a foundational point of view that if we focus on only a few things and do them very well, we will have better results. The 6 P’s are: Passion, Product, Price, Placement, Promotion and Perseverance. By focusing on the 6 P’s, we are more effective and more focused.  Here is why.

  • Passion– What’s the point without passion? Real estate is not a business for the timeclock watcher, the lazy or the complacent. Without passion for the industry, the people and the competition, we may as climb under a rock and stay there.
  • Product– This is your home, the star of the show. Our goal is to highlight your home in such a way that buyers can’t help but be interested.
  • Price– This is one of the most critical components of selling anything. Overprice it and won’t sell. And, if the days on market get high enough, may never sell. Underprice it and you leave money on the table. Offer a price that reflects actual market value from the beginning increases your chances dramatically.
  • Placement– Some people confuse this with location but from our point of view, it’s about placement within the market, the neighborhood and against competing listings.
  • Promotion– This is where and how we market to get you the best results. High quality, thoughtful, properly timed and call to action marketing is what will drive buyers to your front door.
  • Pro-Active– At all stages of our listing process, we anticipate, respond and take action. If something isn’t working as expected, stones will be turned over until we get the outcome we are looking for.
  • Perseverance– Not everything goes as planned, results can sometimes take longer than anticipated but we won’t give up. We will persevere when things seem daunting, challenging and seem even downright impossible.



Communication Guarantee

We do our best to answer/reply to correspondence in a timely manner (usually within minutes). If you call/text/email any time between 8AM-5PM, we guarantee a reply before 9PM. After 6PM, we guarantee a reply on or before noon the next day. If we don’t, you’ll get a gift card to one of our local businesses.

Professional Closing Management

A complete closing management system that is 100% online. All closing timelines, payoffs, settlement statements and other pertinent closing details are managed to assure accuracy prior to the closing.

Always Full-Service

We are uncompromising with our level of service. Doing what’s in the best interest of the client requires attention to detail, not cutting corners and making sure that our level of service is top notch. This is included despite the commission percentage paid.

Home Staging Consultation

A home staging consultation prior to the listing may be the difference between a sale or a listing languishing on the market for months. With our service, we do a walk through with the seller. The goal is to be objective and honest but through the lens of a buyer. This way, you have an understanding of what may need to be corrected/revised/clean up prior to your house hitting the market.  Here is a great article that may be helpful.  https://www.greatnocohomes.com/the-konmari-method-helping-you-prep-your-house-for-sale/   


*If the seller elects to utilize this option, they must pre-pay for the third party staging company but will be reimbursed at the closing.



Construction Knowledge

Prior to real estate, I worked in the homebuilding industry as a project manager, superintendent and customer service Rep. I was also a general contractor for several years. That experience has proven to be quite valuable for many of my clients particularly when it comes to preparing your home to sell, negotiating inspection items and in some cases knowing when a buyers inspector is clueless. Buyer oftentimes use the inspection report as leverage for the overall transaction against the seller. It’s common for us to question a buyer’s inspection report and negotiate a better outcome for our sellers. (click here to read a few examples)

In real estate, you can be a great negotiator, a good salesperson and a solid marketer but without some basic construction knowledge, you can put your clients at risk (financial and liability). Oftentimes, agents rely too much on third-party vendors and contractors. It’s good to have the contacts but quite another to trust without verifying.


We Attend Inspections

The majority of brokerages are mandating that their agents not attend home inspections (including pre-inspections). We know it’s an aversion to liability. For us, it’s a duty to our client. We want to help you through the process and strategize a path forward. 

Our Marketing

This is not a complete list but a just a sampling of what you should expect while using our services.

Reflective Signage

Buyers don’t just drive through neighborhoods during the day. Our signage gets noticed even after the sun goes down.

Professional Photography

An essential component to highlighting our listings and putting them in their best, most marketable light.

24 Hr Instant Text Response Marketing

We have sign riders and other marketing elements that include a 24-hour text messaging feature. When they text a certain code, they get the information that they seek and we get a way to follow up.

Facebook Ads & Shares

Facebook is an incredible way to showcase your listing through ads and shares. We create ads that get responses and we also provide you with Facebook share campaigns so that your social network will hopefully share your listing with their social network (and so on). 

Here is a sample

Facebook Pixel Re-Targeting

Our Facebook pixel code is placed on our website, landing pages and various other marketing channels. It collects data that helps track conversions from Facebook ads, optimize ads, helps build targeted audiences for future ads, and remarket to people who have already taken some kind of action on one of our channels.

Coming Soon- Facebook Messenger Marketing

We are working through a Facebook Messenger strategy now. In a nutshell, when our Facebook ads drive traffic to our various Facebook Pages, we will have the ability to interact, collect data and most importantly direct prospects to our featured listings. This will be another and for many, the more preferred way to communicate.

Text & Email Campaigns

The majority of our marketing includes the ability for us to follow up with those showing interest in our listings. We create text and/or email campaigns so that we can stay in touch with prospective home buyers.

Coming Soon Landing Page(s)

An online pre-listing announcement that your home will be on the market soon. This is a fantastic way to pique people’s curiosity and build up some interest prior to showings and/or open houses.

Just Listed Landing Pages

Our landing pages are designed to get noticed and elevate interest of the properties we market. 

Open House Landing Page(s)

This little gem has been pretty good to us over the years. We create the landing page that includes just enough info to get prospective buyers curiosity raised in an effort to get them to the open house. 

Single Property Website

A single property website is another good way to showcase your listing through various third-party platforms.

Listed in the MLS

MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service. Applies to the local MLS in Northern Colorado (IRES) only. *Seller may elect to not have the home listed on the MLS (strongly discouraged).

Just Listed Postcards and/or Flyers

We mail and/or distribute just listed postcards and/or flyers. If your neighbors know of anyone that wants to live in the neighborhood, they will be notified. 

Agent Notifications

We have a system that allows us to notify other agents that your home is for sale. If they have a particular buyer need, this notification may be the trick to get that agent and his/her client in the door.

eFlyer Campaigns

Our eFlyers can be sent via email, shared to Facebook or printed. Just another great option for getting the word out that your home is for sale.

Effective Open House(s) including Seller Hosted

Not just a few open house signs but a complete system to drive traffic. We have a variety of ways to push traffic to our hosted open house or your seller hosted open house. Here is an example of a seller hosted Facebook ad. 

Aerial Photography/Videography

Some houses just have to have a drone video or aerial photography (or both) to highlight something special about the home. *Not all listings are conducive for aerial photography/videography.

Professionally Design Brochure/Flyer

The brochure/flyer is what potential buyers take with them. So, it has to be informative and very well done. Some houses warrant a full tabloid style brochure while others do just as well with a single-sided flyer. 

Here is a sample: Brochure Tabloid

Floor Plan Rendering

In some cases, we really want to highlight something about particular houses that can only be explained through a floor plan rendering. *Not all listings are conducive for a floor plan rendering.

Virtual Tour(s)

Just another fantastic opportunity to showcase your home visually. *Not all listings are conducive for virtual tours.

3D Virtual Tour(s)

This is a great way for potential buyers to view your listing online. The 3D technology is very compelling, giving buyers a good feel for the home without actually being there. *Not all homes are conducive for 3D Tours.

USPS Every Door Direct- Marketing

Yes, direct mail is still very effective. We have been doing it for years with great results. The goal is to get visitors to our various resources including our website, Facebook Pages, Landing Pages and the like. With our featured listings being so prevalent on our sites/pages and landing pages, we get great traffic numbers. More eyeballs equals greater exposer, greater exposure equals better results.

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