This listing recently feel out of contract after receiving an immediate accepted offer (day 1). Not sure as to why the contract failed. Great neighborhood with tons of amenities and great proximity to schools, shopping and all points Windsor. Nicely upgraded, easy flowing floor plan with a finished basement. The landscaping really steals the show with a nice sized yard, backing south and a corner for ample sunshine. With all of the above, the price seems to be in line with the market realities as well.

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Windshire Park Neighborhood & Real Estate Guide- Click Image

Swimming Pool in Windshire Park Neighborhood


This Guy’s Good!

I can’t find another agent with the level of honesty as an individual and dedication as a professional. Doug never hesitated to share with me the good, the bad and the ugly. Read more “This Guy’s Good!”

Micah Tsern


Doug exhibited such caring concern…What one typically views as only a business relationship began to incorporate the attributes of a respected and trusted friend. I am indeed grateful for the services of quality that he extended on our behalf. Throughout the process, Doug was diligent in updating us on developments and in responding to our… Read more “Outstanding!”

Tim Fantauzzo

Could Not Recommend Highly Enough

Being a single woman, I was reluctant to work with a male Realtor. A friend of mine had recently bought a home with the help of Doug Lindstrom. He came highly recommended by her so I was put at ease when it came time to sell my home. From the very first meeting, I could… Read more “Could Not Recommend Highly Enough”

Sheila Mercereau

Job Well Done!

I’m writing this letter to express my gratitude and appreciation for a job well done on your part. You have made my home-buying experience pleasant and seamless. Your professionalism and expertise coupled with your personable touch was a credit to your team in High Plains Village.

Laszlo Kovacs

Beyond Any Expectations We Had

We wanted to take a few moments to thank you, and to relay how very much we have enjoyed working with you. Your high level of professionalism; your enthusiasm and positive attitude throughout the entire process of selling our home really helped to make the entire process a very pleasant one indeed. We would not… Read more “Beyond Any Expectations We Had”

Larry Baggette