2020 Loveland CO Market Data Statistics Trends


May 2020 Loveland CO Market Data Statistics Trends- So, how’s the market? With a worldwide pandemic (COVID 19), the panic and fear that may affect the Loveland real estate market, we have only seen a minimal drop in a couple of key stats. Conversely, several other stats are looking pretty solid.

Despite COVID 19, we are still in a very favorable sellers market. In April 2020 we had 3.2 months of inventory and in May we had 1.1 months of inventory. The lower that number, the more it favors sellers.

We are still trending strong sellers market. But, with many new builds going through the permitting process and the pent up re-sales season set to explode (post COVID 19), the trend could change but not dramatically. While so much remains to be seen with the overall economy, housing may be a bright spot. 



Market Reference Disclaimer: 

6 months or less = Sellers Market/ 6-7 months = Neutral Market/ Over 7 months = Buyers Market

Disclaimer- The graphic above and associated commentary is based on the static data (a snapshot in time) and is wholly based on the post authors opinion of the data at the time the post was published. The data below is dynamic. Meaning, it automatically updates as one piece of data changes (not a snapshot in time). 

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