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    A unique combination of the three (3) most common ways to sell your home. (for sale by owner, discount/flat fee and full-service brokerage). The commission levels below are all viable depending on the merits of who attains the buyer. As a seller, your choices are typically limited to one of the three options depending on the commission and level of service you desire. With our program, all three are on the table. What it comes down to is the party that is most responsible for securing the buyer. If you are highly motivated to save potentially thousands in real estate commissions without any of the stigma that is oftentimes associated with for sale by owner (FSBO) and discount/flat fee brokers, go for it. We facilitate that without any lapse in service. If you want your broker to be highly motivated to find a buyer for your home but still saving thousands in commission, yeah you. However, if you want a full-service option with above and beyond services, we have that covered as well. All of these options are in one package and not bound to one-size fits all mentality.

    The bottom line: you have the option to save money without sacrificing anything in service, quality or expectations.

    Key Benefits of the 2% Listing

    1. Merit-based program. Zero stigma. Commission % determined by who obtains the buyer.
    2. You still get a premium marketing plan regardless of the commission % (compare our marketing plan to any broker).
    3. An uncompromising level of service regardless of commission % (no chance with a flat-fee, limited-service or discount broker).

    Key Benefits of the 4% Listing

    1. ← See 2% listing benefits. 
    2. You can be completely hands-off and still save. 
    3. You had the opportunity to find the buyer (possibly saving 4%). Nobody else offers this.

    Key Benefits of the 6% Listing

    1. ← ← See 2% listing benefits.
    2. Chances are you’ll sell faster
    3. You had the opportunity to try and find the buyer yourself (possibly saving 4%). Nobody else offers this.

    * You may elect to not have the home on the MLS (strongly discouraged) but this gives you an opportunity to obtain the buyer before the property is exposed to the rest of the market. **Commission rate is to be explicitly determined by who obtains the buyer that closes. All services are exactly the same regardless of the commission plan. However, if the seller elects to complete their own open houses, we assist in providing tools and resources. Please note, a buyer that attends a seller hosted and/or agent hosted open house but is represented by a cooperating broker does not apply to the 2% or 4% listing (even if they are registered). We abide by all Colorado Real Estate Commission & MLS Rules and hold ourselves to high ethical and best practices standard.


    (Random Order)

    How many open houses should I do?

    That all depends on you and your motivation to get the eventual buyer to your open house. We recommend at a minimum one open house per week but you could as many as you like.

    How do I register a visitor from my open house?

    Easy! As with all people that step foot in the door of an open house, you/we should know who is in the home. We provide an open house landing page that asks for relevant information. Once your open house visitor presses the ‘submit’ button their name is in the record. To do this, we recommend you (the seller) carry a tablet or Ipad during the open house. And, it’s ok to be a little pushy. They are in your house for goodness sake.

    What happens when an open house visitor says they want to write an offer?

    That’s great news! I typically recommend that all parties (buyer, seller, listing agent) meet in person and hash out the details of the offer. The listing agent facilitates the meeting and writes up the agreed-upon terms in the offer. If a negotiation needs to take place, we do it at that time as well. All completely transparent and forthright. 

    I have no interest in doing an open house myself. Is there another way for me to attain the buyer?

    Short answer. YES! Open houses are not for everyone and we get that. The bottom line is for you to get credit for attaining the buyer, they have to be registered. We will give you multiple opportunities to share your listing with your social networks. It would be in your best interest to ask them to share your listing with their social network. If it goes viral and a particular visitor registers on the landing page, they write an acceptable offer and close, you just saved thousands all for simply sharing your listing on the social networks.

    Are we competing for the same buyers?

    The short answer is, maybe. But, make no mistake, if the eventual buyer for your home comes from your efforts and you register the buyer, you absolutely get the credit (and savings). If we attain the eventual buyer through our marketing efforts, you still save a ton. Side note: this competition is good, right? Either way, you win.

    What are you doing to try and find buyers?

    If you elected to complete open houses, we are doing everything else. Our marketing plan is not a passive investment on our part. We really do make sure that every stone that can be overturned, is. 

    How is this program better?

    Glad you asked. It’s based on the merit of who attains what you ultimately need to sell your house, a buyer. But, it’s done in a way that let’s the seller participate, has zero stigma to the brokerage community and is 100% committed to full-service, no shortcuts representation. The opportunity for a discount is not the driving force behind the program’s existence. If you think about from the perspective of time and results, we believe that a buyer could come from anywhere (including an open house on a Thursday afternoon- if so desired) but it’s impossible for us, the broker to be omnipresent whereas you, the seller may have multiple time slots per week (particularly on weekends when most people are home anyway). This program is simply another way to open up more opportunities for what we believe will deliver more successful closings for our clients. 

    How is working directly with a seller or a discount broker a stigma?

    It’s a good question but should also be an obvious one. When you deal with a seller directly, you are most likely not dealing with someone that is well versed in real estate contracts, disclosures and the myriad of other items associated with a real estate transaction. Look at it this way, if you call a mechanic for service on your car and some guy named Joe answers, what do you immediately think? 1) I most likely that you dialed the wrong number, 2) how professional is Joe? ,3) does Joe know what he is doing? and 4) who do I go to if I have a problem?

    With a discount broker or limited service type brokers, you have to ask yourself several questions. 1) what am I getting besides a discount? 2) does the fee seem reasonable for the amount of work and expertise involved? 3) if I really need something, how invested/committed is the broker that has 50 other ‘clients’ just like me and 4) what kind of result should you reasonably expect? All of these questions need to be strongly considered.

    I can tell you that brokers working with buyers are very apprehensive working with sellers directly or discount/limited service brokers. Why? Because they can expect to complete the majority of the work, expect poor communication, lack of motivation and in some cases, the discounter offers little to no representation for their client. Knowing this before-hand already puts the transaction in a tenuous position. In fact, I know that some brokers would rather not be part of it and some withdraw altogether.

    The other things that must be taken into account is the outcome. I have seen houses on the market for literally years using a discount, flat fee and limited service broker. And, other brokers are well aware of this fact. Many sellers pre-pay for services. Getting a discount is meaningless if you never make it to the closing table. Representation in my view is seeking the best outcome for the client even if some difficult conversations need to take place.

    What if the buyer came to my open house but writes and offer using a broker?

    It’s a great question but unfortunately, buyers come to open houses all of the time without their brokers. You’ll have to let this one go since there is no way to determine how long the broker has been working with the buyer. Even if you registered them, their broker is their representative. Additionally, the broker may have what is known as procuring cause with that buyer. It’s not worth the fight. The bright side is we are that much closer to a successful sale of your home.

    Do I have to cooperate with another broker?

    If another broker brings a buyer and you want to sell your house, then yes. This applies even if the house is not on the MLS. 

    What if I did all these open houses and you or another broker brings the buyer?

    We get it! This would be somewhat of a disappointment since you anticipated finding the buyer yourself and saving a bunch of money. However, we have no way of predicting where or how the buyer is obtained or if a buyer is working with another agent. While you may not save the amount of money anticipated from real estate commissions, you had the opportunity to try. 

    If we bring a buyer and later learn that they attended one of your seller hosted open houses and you registered them, we will absolutely honor the 2% commission. However, if a buyer comes to one of your open houses (registered or not) and writes an offer with another broker, we can’t alter or change the 6% listing commission.

    What's the probability (%) of me, you or another broker procuring the buyer?

    Fantastic question! We wish we could be more specific with the answer. Since this is a relatively new program, we are not able to provide 100% accurate percentages just yet. The National Association of Realtors has statistics on for sale by owners and real estate profession percentages (buyer and seller side) but it wouldn’t be fair to compare since our program is not a true FSBO or limited service type of listing program.



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