No Brainer Listing

Silver Listing Plan – 2%

Recommended For: Seller’s Market/Competitive Market Segments/Motivated List Price


Optimized For: A Basic, Full-Service MLS Listing With Seller Participation


This is most agents top-end listing plan (typically 3%)



Professional Pricing Recommendation


Lockbox Included


Syndicated to Zillow, Trulia, (over 700 last count)


Listing Alerts (new listings & open houses)


Professional Photography


24 Hour Instant Response Sign Rider


Featured on


Social Media Mentions


Professional Reflective Signage


Listed On MLS (includes open house scheduling)


Flyer/Brochure Design

Terms & Conditions: Must be owner occupied or vacant. No tenants during listing period. Offer a competitive buyer-side Commission (paid by seller). We strongly recommend seller-hosted open houses (signage, open house landing page, MLS & syndication updates). Seller is required to complete a pre-home inspection and complete repair items. A seller paid home warranty must be offered for every property over 5 years old (at closing). Commission squatting is prohibited. Meaning, every effort must be made to encourage the sale (i.e. seller-hosted open houses, price reductions, upgraded listing plan, etc). This is determined by the amount of showing activity and/or agent feedback. You can upgrade to the gold or platinum listings plans at any time. Minimum fee is $4,000.

1% Seller Procurement- Listing Plan

All of our listings plans allows for the seller to procure the buyer during our listing period (includes using our online tools, open house signage, etc). When that happens and there is no other agent involved, we will assist in negotiating the price and terms, write the contract, complete all necessary amendments and other paperwork through to the closing. Our commission is 1% for each transaction side (Minimum $4,000). The only caveat is that the buyer must be registered from a landing page that we provide to you. All other terms and conditions apply for the listing program that you chose.

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"Brilliant Idea. Executed Flawlessly."

—Stan T.

"Trust is one thing. Execution is another. Well done on both counts!"

—D. Behnke

"Saved a ton and didn't have to worry about a thing."

—Sheena D.

"The level of service & attention to detail was exceptional."

—Rupp LT

"I used another broker, big mistake. My listing expired. Doug got it done!"

-R & F Cross

"Seriously! This is no brainer"

-G. Erickson

"Went with a local flat-fee guy. Big mistake! House was on the market forever. Then I found Doug."

-D & R Sears

"Time to sell? Call Doug!"

-K. Kline



We reserve the right to change, alter or revise any details without notice or cause.