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In a sea of sameness, when everyone’s ‘program’ is the best, we proudly introduce something different, effective and transparent.

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The No Brainer Listing is not a one size fits all approach. Each listing option stands alone based on seller need, urgency and market conditions. The listing options offer varying degrees of market exposure, boots on the ground effort, seller participation and buyer confidence without sacrificing anything in service. We realize that offering multiple commission choices may be a little more confusing than what has been an industry norm for decades. In our mind, a few extra minutes to learn the No Brainer Listing Program is solid business decision.

It’s disingenuous for agents to say that you need every bell and whistle when homes are receiving multiple offers in a matter of days. Conversely, when you need your property to stand out, extra marketing can be the difference between success and failure. Our value proposition is based on results, what you actually need, how much of our time is required to set it up, how much money it will take to be effective and our expertise to execute. Additionally, if the seller helps procure the buyer (before and even during the listing time period), the seller can save even more.

Our level of motivation & service stays constant regardless of the listing plan chosen. We simply believe that it’s the right thing to do, while offering the consumer viable choices for what’s in their best interests. We think you’ll agree, using our listing services is a no brainer.




Silver Listing Plan – 2%

Recommended For: Seller’s Market, Competitive Market Segments, Motivated List Price


Optimized For: A Basic, Full-Service MLS Listing With Seller Participation

This is most agents top-end listing plan (typically 3%)


Professional Pricing Recommendation


Professional Reflective Signage


24 Hour Instant Response Sign Rider


Syndicated to Zillow, Trulia, (over 700 last count)


Featured on


Flyer/Brochure Design


Professional Photography


Lockbox Included


Listed On MLS (includes open house notifications)


Listing Alerts (new listing, open houses, etc)


Social Media Mentions

Gold Listing Plan – 2.5%

Recommended For: Neutral, Changing, Slowing Markets


Optimized For: Internet Presence, Seller Shares, Agent to Agent Marketing


Everything listed in the Silver Listing Plan is Included. The Gold Listing Plan also includes the following:


Mobile Responsive Landing Page(s)


2D Virtual Tour(s)


Seller Social Media Share Links/Templates/Code


Broker-Hosted Open Houses


Floor Plan Dimensions*


Listing Alerts to Agents/Brokers (Email, Facebook Pages, etc)


Automated Responses For Listing Inquiries


Single Property Website(s)


eFlyer to Existing Buyer Database


Coming Soon, Just Listed & Open House Door Hangers Provided/Distributed*


Designed/Printed Marketing Flyer/Brochure


Client Portal (Currently Under Construction)


eFlyer to Agents/Brokers


Client Performance Reporting For Online Campaign(s)

Platinum Listing Plan – 3%

Recommended For: Buyer’s Market, Slow Market Segments, Specific Buyer & Seller Needs


Optimized For: Social Media, Next Level Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Buyer Comfort & Incentives


Everything listed in the Silver & Gold Listing Plans is Included. You will not find a more comprehensive marketing plan. The Platinum Listing Plan also includes the following:


Targeted Facebook Ads


Instagram Ads- Coming Soon


Search Engine Optimization- Keyword Research


Professionally Designed/Printed Marketing Flyer/Brochure


Broker-Hosted Open Houses


Pre-Home Inspection**


Home Staging Consultation**


Home Warranty


Facebook Pixel Re-Targeting


3D Virtual Tour**


Coming Soon, Just Listed & Open House Mailers*


Client Performance Reporting For Syndication Sites


Floor Plan Dimensions Rendering*


Site Plan Rendering*


Aerial Videography/Photography*

All Listing Plans Include The Following:


No Pressure Presentation


Cancel Anytime Policy


Complete Transparency


Document Management


Marketing Management


Closing Management


No Advanced Listing Fees


Communication Guarantee


Vigorous & Professional Negotiations


Listing Management


Showing Management


Transaction Management

1% Seller Procurement- Listing Plan

All of our listings plans allows for the seller to procure the buyer during our listing period (includes using our online tools, open house signage, etc). When that happens and there is no other agent involved, we will assist in negotiating the price and terms, write the contract, complete all necessary amendments and other paperwork through to the closing. Our commission is 1% for each transaction side (Minimum $4,000). The only caveat is that the buyer must be registered from a landing page that we provide to you. All other terms and conditions apply for the listing program that you chose.

1% For Sale By Owner (FSBO)- Transaction/Closing Plan

If you decided to not list with an agent/brokerage, procured your own buyer & negotiated the price and terms, we offer a for sale by owner (FSBO) closing plan. When that happens and there is no other agent involved, we will write the contract, complete all necessary amendments and other paperwork through to the closing. Our commission is 1% total (Minimum $4,000). A formal in writing agreement is required.

Give us a call or text at 970-710-3770 

or schedule an in-person meeting (button). Thank you!

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"Brilliant Idea. Executed Flawlessly."

—Stan T.

"You're your best asset. Your knowledge and character are why people book you and refer you"

—J. Hopkins

"Trust is one thing. Execution is another. Well done on both counts!"

—D. Behnke

"Saved a ton and didn't have to worry about a thing."

—Sheena D.

"The level of service & attention to detail was exceptional."

—Rupp LT

"I used another broker, big mistake. My listing expired. Doug got it done!"

-R & F Cross

"Seriously! This is no brainer"

-G. Erickson

"Went with a local flat-fee guy. Big mistake! House was on the market forever. Then I found Doug."

-D & R Sears

"Time to sell? Call Doug!"

-K. Kline

A word of caution: We urge you to think twice about utilizing a flat-fee, limited service or upfront-fee listing service. The data entry (aka online order taking) approach where properties tend to languish on the market, can cost you more than money. Stigma and days on the market affect the overall perceived value that typically motivates buyers to act.  We do not participate in a race to the bottom of the pricing chain. What you’ll ‘save’ may be minimal compared to what you left on the table. Please click here to learn more about us. Humbly, I would be grateful if you consider us when selling your home. Who you work with matters ™

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