Paul & Abigail

To be married in September 2019. Looking for their first home together as a couple.

Young, in love, & searching for our first home as we enter into marriage.


We are Paul Carnehl & Abigail Cochrane.

Although we grew up on opposite ends of the country, God brought us together here in Windsor where we met at the local Christian Discipleship school. Neither of us expected to meet our future spouse during that season, but we both stayed locally after our training & began to cultivate a friendship. That friendship eventually grew into love for one another & the desire to spend the rest of our lives together.

So here we are, preparing to marry in September, desiring to find a house for us to call “Home”.

Both of us are extremely involved in our church in Windsor and would ideally like to be close by or within a few minutes drive from East Windsor (West Greeley or Evans). We are looking for a two or three bedroom house, condo or townhome where we can host friends & family & neighbors for rich fellowship & fun.

We really want to purchase a house before our wedding for multiple reasons. The first is to begin building equity to leave a good legacy for our future children & generations after them. Another reason is that we would like to be able to have our home ready to live in at the end of our wedding day. I imagine coming home to an empty house with moving boxes all over the place wouldn’t be very romantic, & probably quite stressful. Maybe you’ve experienced that yourself. We want to start our marriage out well, with as few stressors as possible.

Have you considered selling your home or have already planned to do so? Perhaps you’ve wondered if new owners would take as good care of your home as you have. If so, maybe you’d be willing to meet with us and see if we’d be a good fit to take over where you leave off. We truly seek to be good stewards of everything that God blesses us with, and a house will be no different.

Please contact our broker Doug Lindstrom @ 970-744-1075 if you or perhaps a neighbor would be interested in selling or fill out the form below. Thank you!