Why the Pre-Launch (Coming Soon) Status Is Critical


So, you decided to sell your home. But, you have a few home repairs, a couple runs to the landfill or some furniture to sell before you can start thinking about selling. In our view, this is huge mistake. Once you have decided to sell, act! Start working with us the minute you have made the decision to sell. You are literally wasting precious time and potentially allowing multiple buyers to pass you by. If you need 30, 60 or 90 days or more to get the house ready, we can customize a schedule and pe-launch marketing plan that is designed to ‘drip’ information, peak curiosity and collect prospective buyers contact info, keeping them informed for the grand opening (MLS and/or open house). After you have decided to sell, your home is a product. Companies like Apple, Amazon, Google and many more have pre-market product launches. Your home should too!



If you are planning on purchasing another home but are somewhat timid about listing your home before you identify one to purchase, welcome to the ultimate catch 22. In almost every circumstance and every market, the seller of a home will not accept a contingency where the buyers house isn’t on the market or at the very least close to being on the market. It’s almost like asking a seller to potentially pass up multiple buyers for their home while you get the sale of your house in order.  How do we overcome the catch 22? It’s better to be ready for the perfect house to come on the than to get ready when it does. The pre-launch phase is a decision, a decision to be get ready before you’re really ready. To take progressive baby steps, start generating interest and be ready to pounce when your dream home appears.

What if the right house comes on the market before we are ready to go on the MLS? I can tell you that a seller would be much more interested in hearing what we have to say if the following is in place, 1) a listing agreement, 2) trying to find buyers before the house is formally listed, 3) listing will be priced to sell (not sit), 4) knowing the house is pre-inspected and repairs completed or in progress (security of knowing that your house will not fail during the buyers inspection period), and 5) offering a home warranty to the buyer (more security that the deal closes).

Waiting for the market to come to you when everything is perfect and your house is show-ready (with no Coming Soon strategy) is a missed opportunity to overcome a sellers objections to your contingency. 

The Sequence of Events


The grand opening is an event. Retailers, restaurants and other places of business don’t just place a sign the day of the event or have ads start that same day. They hype it, they create awareness, they build up momentum, they collect data and when that magical day arrives, they have hopefully created an avalanche of customers knocking on their doors to get in. Our goal is no different. The ‘getting ready’ phase is a huge opportunity. Don’t let all the activities that precede the MLS listing date go to waste. 

It’s Your Move! Are You Ready To Get Started?