In order for us to establish a baseline of your needs, we need to ask several questions that will help us tailor our meeting with you. We want to be respectful or your time. Some of the questions may seem somewhat redundant. For us, they are purposeful.

All of these questions are designed to clearly identify your priorities, objectives and points of view that get you closer to what you ultimately seek, a successful sale. Or, perhaps not. We believe that every homeowner (or future homeowner) should be presented with timely and accurate information in order to make an informed decision (to buy, sell or stay put).


Please answer the following:


Pre-Listing Meeting- Questionnaire
Property Address *
Property Address
5) Is an ideal timeframe more important that a higher sales price? *
8) Do you happen to know anyone that may want to buy your house? *
9) Do you have any interest in hosting your own open houses and/or sharing your home on social media if it may lead to a lower listing commission? *