Doug Lindstrom was my realtor-my agent-then my transactional broker. In what was perceived as a tough “sellers” market, he provided invaluable insight as to market conditions, marketing efforts and pricing points. His knowledge as to the area and homes were second to none. After signing with Doug, he followed through on marketing. His use of signage, brochures, the internet and his own hard effort was excellent.

After every showing, I would receive feedback. I have bought and sold a number of properties over the years and had never seen anything quite like this. It made you feel as if you more involved and opened upon the lines of communication. In the past, I often wondered what was happening and the only way I could find out was by calling. With Doug, his surveys and his calls keep you in the loop. If I had any questions, Doug was always available to talk until I was satisfied. Within a short few weeks, he brought a willing buyer to the table. That buyer happened to be his client, however. After speaking with me about a change in status from an agent to a transactional broker, I was quite comfortable.

After that, he did an excellent job of facilitating the negotiations such that they were quickly successful. The home sold quickly and without a hitch. I would recommend Doug Lindstrom to anyone looking for
a realtor that is knowledgeable, accessible and hardworking-be it as an agent or a transactional broker. If those are not qualities you are looking for in a realtor, then Doug probably is not your guy.