Doug Lindstrom has been my agent on 3 transactions – so I know his style and professionalism. There are 3 qualities that come to mind when I think of Doug as my Real Estate Agent. The first is Integrity. I can’t find another agent with the level of honesty as an individual and dedication as a professional. Doug never hesitated to share with me the good, the bad and the ugly. You ask him a question, he’ll give you a straight answer as if he were the one purchasing/selling for himself. His “tell it like it is” personality gave me great confidence in making informed and eventually the right decisions. Talk about fulfilling his fiduciary responsibilities to me! I truly felt he looked out for my interest first.

The second quality is his knowledge in real estate, in business, and (the extra bonus) in construction (being a contractor in his previous profession). Every realtor has the basic “check the box” attributes to sell/buy a home. Doug’s “value-added” attribute is that he can spot items in a house that the average homebuyer won’t pick up on – specifically regarding quality of construction of the home and general wear-and-tear items. Talk about an added bonus! Again, it’s something that most agents can’t provide.

And finally, the third quality is his Attention to Detail. During each transaction, I never once asked him to do things twice. Consider things done on time and done with thoroughness. In fact, things got done before me ever knowing! He knows his stuff; He is a person of action.

This guy’s good…