From Yelp

My wife and I have been homeowners for over 30 years. We have bought and sold houses, rented houses and now leased a house.
It has been a long time since we were in a lease situation so we were a bit apprehensive about it.

One of the people we contacted was Doug Lindstrom with Legacy Partners Realty.
It was apparent from the first conversation that this was the person we would want to work with to find us a lease.
Doug is very professional, well organized and knowledgeable which made our experience in finding and then entering into a good lease
a good one. He was patient in explaining the process from end to end and validated that things were as described.

It is time for us to move and unfortunately it will be out of state so we won’t have the advantage of Doug’s assistance.
We can honestly say that the lease experience continued to be a good one well after we moved in thanks to Doug and his
professional approach to business.
Doug was consistently prompt to respond to questions or concerns and is also a genuinely good person to deal with in a business transaction.
Other qualities include honesty, integrity and a good sense of humor.
We will both hate to move on to another broker but we will keep in contact with Doug so that we can hopefully work with him again in the future.