Being a single woman, I was reluctant to work with a male Realtor. A friend of mine had recently bought a home with the help of Doug Lindstrom. He came highly recommended by her so I was put at ease when it came time to sell my home.

From the very first meeting, I could tell that Doug was not going to take advantage of me being a naive, first time homeseller. He took the time to explain the current market and I was very impressed by his marketing plan. Doing my own research, he is an internet person and my property was easy to find.

Throughout the whole process, he gave me regular updates and followed up with the parties that showed my home. He actually told me not to accept an offer that I was willing to accept because he thought I could do better. He was right! I was able to get a better offer within a few days.

I cannot recommend Doug highly enough. He took care of everything and put me at ease.