“Who you work with matters.” That’s Doug’s tag line, and it’s spot-on! Let me explain.

I made an offer on a home in Indiana, but I needed a fast sale on my Colorado home to close that deal. Time was of the essence; I simply had no time to waste — not one day. I needed a residential realtor with knowledge and experience in Northern Colorado, one who could streamline the process, if possible.

I knew Doug from previously serving with him on the Board of Directors at our HOA. His knowledge of residential construction and local real estate was impressive even then, and that was a decade ago! I remembered Doug as a tech savvy, quick thinking, action oriented person with a database of contacts, a magnetic personality, and impeccable Integrity. I also realized he was a realtor who had focused many years on Northern Colorado and had experienced both up and down market cycles. I knew Doug was a seasoned pro, so I reached out to him.

That proved to be the best decision I could have made. In less than 24 hours, Doug was at my house. With his guidance, I listed higher than I had envisioned — and sold over the listing price. Best of all, my house sold fast. Doug confidently gave me all the right advice on staging and repairs, saving me time and money on unnecessary details. He also streamlined the negotiations and paperwork, and arranged a fast closing.

My house was listed, staged and sold in less than a month — exactly what I needed.

“Who you work with matters,” and Doug came through for me in every way possible when it mattered most. He’s a pro on every level, and I would highly recommend his service to anyone needing a realtor in Northern Colorado.